dAIR Steering Committee

Wednesday 18th of June 2014 - Administrative Resources

Dear partners,


We are glad to invite you once more for the SC meeting in Eindhoven. As announced before, the meeting itself will take place in the City Hall on 16 September 2014, starting at 09.30 hours (registration at 09.00 hours). Please find attached at the bottom of the page:

- the program for 15 and 16 September (Annex 1);

- the agenda for the SCM on 16 September (Annex 2);

-  the minutes of the meetings in Bologna (Annex 3) and Vienna (Annex 4);

-  JTS’ FAQ about project closure (Annex 5);

-  the registration of the participants (Annex 7);


As far as you haven’t done before we kindly ask to check your registration and for instance to let us know your diet wishes as soon as possible.


As for the SC meeting, we have entered the final phase of our project and we all have to work towards finalizing our cooperation of the last almost 3 years time.

As for the Agenda, we have some clarifications.

-                Regarding point 3b., as announced before we got some “Frequent Asked Questions” from the JTS for projects in the last phase of the implementation; please find this overview attached and please read it carefully together with section 5 of the programme manual;

-                Regarding point 5d., the JTS has drawn our attention to a section in the progress report where we can report about new projects, activities, approaches resulting from the exchange/dissemination of experience at interregional events. It’s about all possible unexpected new ‘activities’ which result from the exchange of experience. This can take various forms such as the adoption of new tools at project or partner level, the development of new joint services, the adoption of new cooperation agreement between partners, the submission of new bids, etc. JTS warmly encourages us to report in future reports on unexpected spin-off activities thanks to the cooperation among partners.

In order to give you additional guidance the following criteria maybe of help to you:

•         The new activity is already implemented, at least some first steps;

•         The new activity is not funded by the project itself.

-                As to good practices and policies/instruments, so far we did not receive filled out forms, including description of good practices for good practices successfully transferred. These descriptions are part of the 5th progress report. We would like to ask the City of Eindhoven, Terres de France and El Prat to combine their efforts and to send us the completed forms on bike accessibility and bus on demand next Thursday at the latest (Annexes 6a and 6b).


In addition to that, we would like to bring to your attention that:

-                we all have to think and work towards completion of the deliverables (including PR6, payments, etc. etc. and deadlines);

-                all the 10 regional implementation plans have to be approved and endorsed by the competent decision-making bodies within the participation region, in consultation with other actors that will be involved during the actual post-project implementation phase (agenda point 5f.);


Thank you in advance for paying attention to the above mentioned points and we keep in touch!


We will meet you on 15 September in the Carrousel bar (part of the Crown Inn, next to McDonalds) at Markt 35 from 18.00 hours.


Looking forward to seeing you soon,

On behalf of the Eindhoven team,


Alex Postema



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