D-Air 3rd Stakeholders’ Forum in Malta

Friday 29th of August 2014 - Featured, News

Following the 2nd Stakeholders Forum held on 14th May 2014, Transport Malta invited the D-Air stakeholders for the third time on 16th July 2014. 


The purpose of the meeting was to present the Implementation Plan compiled by Cyan Engineering and E-Cubed Consultants, invite contributions and feedback from the stakeholders gathered and discuss  the way forward to be taken after D-Air project comes to an end in December 2014. 


The meeting kicked-off with an overview of the results gathered during the compilation of the carbon footprint for the airport boundary.  From there, E-Cubed and Cyan Engineering presented in detail each of the measures that make up the proposed Implementation Plan, including a brief cost-benefit analysis on each measure.


Recommendations suggested include changes in behaviour, electricity efficiency measures, transport measures, renewable energy measures, water measures and aircraft related measures. The presentation included an overview of EU Funding Opportunities for 2014-2020 which can be used by the stakeholders to facilitate the implementation of any of the measures proposed. 


This was elaborated upon by Mr Peter Paul Barbara from Transport Malta who gave examples of how such funds can be tapped.  An overview of pipeline projects which Transport Malta will be participating in, and for which EU funds shall be sought, was also given.


Green Urban Mobility Plans featured in a presentation given by Mr Raphael Mizzi from the University of Malta who elaborated on how car pooling, the use of bus transport and cycling have been encouraged within the university campus and how these measures can be taken up by other companies.


The meeting concluded with a round table discussion with participants who gave their comments and feedback and a discussion was held on the way forward. 


Participants were thanked for their participation and for their continued interest shown in the D-Air project.


Presentations delivered during the meeting can be found below:



Next Steps


Publication of the Implementation Plan


Publication of the finalised Implementation Plan is expected to be done in September 2014.  The final document will include the feedback gathered during the stakeholder forum meetings, comments sent by mail and feedback received during the one-to-one meetings held with several of the stakeholders as part of the preliminary data gathering exercise.


Final Event


A one-day conference will be held in Brussels on 13th October in which participants will be discussing the implications of the three-year work of more than 10 partners from around Europe on decarbonising airport regions.  The D-Air project results will be presented at this conference. The event will address, amongst other things, the issues of surface access to and from the airport, the reduction of the carbon emissions of the airport itself as well as innovation means.


The Event is open for all.  Further information and registration is available here


 For the official release by Transport Malta click here 

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