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Air Purifying Bike

The AIR-PURIFYING BIKE concept is to have a bicycle that can reduce the air pollution problem in the city. The bike has an AIR-PURIFYING function which consists of air filter and oxygen generator. While riding the filter at the front of the bicycle will pull the air inside through the CO2 and dust filter and then let the cleaned air out. The body frame of the bike can produce Oxygen via a photosynthesis system to make the air cleaner. When parking the bike, the purifying function can be maintained to work by the battery inside.


Solar Roadways


The beauty of the panel is that it can be installed on highways, side roads, parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, bike paths, and even playgrounds. They generate electricity and the Solar Roadways team has even postulated that a nationwide system could produce more clean, renewable energy than an entire country uses as a whole.


Solar Jet Project

 An EU-funded research project called SOLAR-JET has produced the world’s first “solar” jet fuel from water and carbon dioxide (CO2). Researchers have for the first time successfully demonstrated the entire production chain for renewable kerosene, using concentrated light as a high-temperature energy source. The project is still at the experimental stage, with a glassful of jet fuel produced in laboratory conditions, using simulated sunlight. However, the results give hope that in future any liquid hydrocarbon fuels could be produced from sunlight, CO2 and water.


Cascade Project

»Airports consume as much energy as small cities. CASCADE project will help to reduce their energy needs by developing an ISO 50001 Energy Management System, based on advanced Fault Detection and Diagnosis tools.«


The Green Taxi 

Tom Allett looks at a ‘green’ aircraft taxiing system demonstrated at this year’s Paris Air Show.


Reducing the on-board weight of a long-haul aircraft 

Air France – KLM adopted a climate plan in 2007 with the goal of improving energy use, notably by upgrading the fleet, using eco-piloting methods and reducing aircraft loads. Here is how that happens.


Eco – Innovation

Launched in 2008, the Eco-innovation initiative is part of the EU’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme (EIP), set up to support innovation among SMEs and to improve their competitiveness. It is included in the EIP’s annual work programmes.


Clean Fleets

The Clean Fleets project assists public authorities and fleet operators with the implementation of the Clean Vehicles Directive and the procurement or leasing of clean and energy-efficient vehicles.


Study on the optimization of environmental taxiing in airport hubs (French only)


How not to: Airport Access

It has become a potent symbol for the poor planning, land acquisition problems and lack of co-ordination that have undermined the drive for progress with many other crucial infrastructure developments across Indonesia. Kuala Namu will be the first terminal in Indonesia to have an integrated rail connection to the city but the trains will only have the capacity to transport around 20 per cent of the airport users.


Miami’s Air Link recognised as one of the world’s best

Miami International Airport’s new rail link has been recognised as one of the world’s best engineering projects. Metrorail’s extension to the new Miami International Airport Metrorail Station – known as the AirportLink Metrorail project – was hailed by Engineering News-Record magazine.


 Surface Access – Passenger Terminal Conference 2013

You can now download on our website the presentations of the track on surface access from the Passenger Terminal Conference in Geneva, 2013. These should help you make a better idea about how surface access is tackled in other regions of the world, also at a diverse array of airports. 


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